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Pastor Watts was born in Phoenix Arizona and was raised in Lufkin, Texas by his maternal grandparents while his father was away serving in the military.  Being part of a military family he was afforded at an early age to live in many places that he called home.

After finishing high school, Pastor Watts enlisted in the army and served honorably.  After completing his tour of duty, he relocated to Florida where he met and married his wife of 41 years, First Lady Gwendolyn Watts, from this marriage four children were born, Leonora Lewis, Arcadia Thomas, Allison Butler and Stephen Watts and in addition, Pastor Watts has been blessed with nine grandchildren.

Pastor Watts was called into ministry in 1997 while serving faithfully as a Deacon/Trustee at Deliverance Cathedral of Love in Raleigh, NC .  Shortly thereafter while employed by The Federal Aviation Administration, Pastor Watts was relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.  It was later prophesied that "Out of the belly of Fayetteville, GA shall arise a great church" and God's Word has truly come to pass.  In the year 2000 Pastor Watts was given the vision of "Deliverance Tabernacle of Praise"  affectionately called (D.T.O.P.).  God gave him the vision and the ingenuity to materialize that which was seen in the spirit to be manifest in the natural.  Since his installation, Pastor Watts has relayed the vision given to him by God to this body of believers.

From Fayetteville to Molena to the current location in Jonesboro, Deliverance Tabernacle of Praise, Inc. under the leadership of Pastor Watts, DTOP has influenced the community and serves as a beacon of light to those that are lost , without hope, the hungry, the imprisoned, the homeless and the nursing home.  Pastor Watts has taken the good news of the gospel to wherever the Spirit has led him.

Pastor Watts has cultivated strong civic and cleric relations in the area.  He is sought out far and near for his uncompromising dedication to the Kingdom of God.   He is a mentor, a teacher, a scholar and adviser to many.  Having been afforded a vast academe to advance his educational endeavors and enhance the Kingdom of God, Pastor Watts demonstrates the true essences of a servant.  With strong ties to both civic and community organizations, Pastor Watts humbly is an active volunteer in the advancement of civic responsibility.  He is an anointed and gifted vessel for this end time.

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