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Deliverance Tabernacle of Praise, D.T.O.P., was ordained and became a manifestation of God's spoken Word before the beginning of time through a vision given to our Pastor, Roy G. Watts, on November 1, 2001.  Being led by the Spirit of God, Pastor Watts and a few committed saints that also heard the Word, "Go to Fayetteville, and if you go, I will be with you", found a place that would serve as the beginning of a mighty move of God on Rainbow Way. 

True to His Word, Deliverance Tabernacle of Praise, in its present location, has succeeded in becoming one of the leading new churches in the city of Fayetteville and surrounding areas.  God gave the name Deliverance Tabernacle of Praise to our Pastor while in prayer.  He also spoke to Pastor in these words, "if you perfect praise, I will tabernacle with you, as I tabernacle with you and as you praise, deliverance will come".

From a humble beginning with only a few followers who attended service bringing with them their own chairs to every service, with no music, no funds, no carpet or walls, with no ecumenical training, D.T.O.P. became organized as a body of believers.  The spirit of the Lord was with our Pastor and congregation from the very beginning, with no skills in carpentry, electricity, or design.  Whatever was needed, God provided.  Whatever was lacking, God supplied.  God has poised Deliverance Tabernacle of Praise to be a light that set on a hill that has become a beacon for new ministries as an example of excellence.  This is demonstrated by the anointing in the design of the edifice, the anointed sound of the D.T.O.P. praise, and the anointing that is upon our Leaders. 


Deliverance Tabernacle of Praise has become known far and near for a unique sound of praise.  Many have been healed, delivered, and set free of their oppression's by entering the doors.  Truly, the Lord is in this place.


And the half has not been told...

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